Object Edge is the largest, most comprehensive provider of Oracle Commerce Cloud in the world.  We have almost 3x more customers, across more countries, than other providers in the world.  This blog is an ongoing series where our team of experts pick their favorite features of the latest release of Oracle Commerce Cloud, and how they are or will use them to continue to digitally transform our customers.

As a cloud-based solution, all these features are automatically ‘working’ as part of your virtual upgrade.  However, some features may require business training or technical configuration to achieve the best results; we will highlight those when needed.

Please note, that these are our opinions only, and that all prospects should work with us and an Oracle Commerce Cloud sales representative to see how these features can work best for you.

Jim, Technical Architect: Walnut Creek, California office

Feature: External Promotion Engine

Why I love it: This to me is a game changer! For many of our customers, one of the most complex business issues we solve are how to manage instore and online promotions; we finally have an elegant way to do this. Oracle Commerce Cloud 18C Features Release.

Real world use: I’m really excited about the change management impacts of this feature.  Customers will now be able to create promotions once, say in their ERP, and distribute directly to their POS like they do today.  The big change is now they no longer need to follow a ‘process’ the manually create the same discounts in their eCommerce system.  Once we build the integration, Oracle Commerce Cloud can simply pass the order payload to the external pricing engine, and overwrite the pricing as necessary.  What’s more, Oracle has also provided us the ability to handle returns.

Additional actions: This feature will require us to build the integration to your external pricing engine.  We will also need to create a method to retrieve the promotions ahead of time, so we can properly message the benefits through our creative team.

Brenda, Product Owner: Porto Alegre, Brasil office

Feature: SSO for B2B contacts

Why I love it: OCC has supported SSO for a while now, but this extends it even further for B2B.

Real world use: With the latest release, we can now allow customers to register in Oracle Commerce Cloud and / or an external system.  This is fantastic, because it really opens up the user experiences we can deliver to our client’s customers.

Additional actions: This feature is natively enabled, but we will need to coordinate with the SSO system and the customer master system to make sure we maintain golden records.

Vivek, Developer: Mumbai, India office

Feature: Punchout

Why I love it: We’ve previously been customizing ‘punch-out like’ functionality for our B2B customers.  With this most recent release, we can support a direct punchout model, punchout, re-punchout, and submit purchase order flows.  It also supports the standard cXML standard.

Real world use: Recreating punchout can be an expensive proposition.  Now, distributors can directly submit orders to a manufacturer’s procurement system.

Additional actions: Again, while already available, using this feature will require the correct technical architecture to be defined and implemented for a clean punchout workflow.

*Names of our employees may have been changed for privacy concerns.

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