Digital Experience Design

Object Edge has an integrated, in-house experience design agency that brings your digital vision to life. We work in partnership with the people driving your digital business.

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Protect your brand and serve your users with digital experiences that reflect your unique offering.

We work with marketing leaders to build and execute a strategic digital experience plan:

  • Take your brand experience online.
    Extend your brand with a consistent and impactful digital brand experience.
  • Understand your current state.
    Research and uncover new opportunities to remove points of friction to smooth the path to discover, shop, and purchase.
  • Drive acquisition.
    Assess and build a comprehensive SEO program that drives customer acquisition (and retention).
  • Drive adoption.
    Provide your users with digital experiences that make it easiest for them to get things done, including robust search, clear and helpful content, and digital merchandising.
  • Support your creative services.
    Expert, impactful  design services, content strategy, and production.
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Digital projects delivered with expertise and efficiency.

We work in close partnership with our technology team and yours to design for your business needs and your tech stack:

  • Improve digital project efficiency.
    We bring deep platform expertise in designing digital experiences built with the technology in mind. We leverage out-of-the-box features, reducing customizations and time to launch.
  • eCommerce website design.
    We design for digital revenue, with B2B, B2C, B2A, and D2C web design expertise– working with technology platforms like  Salesforce, commercetools, and Oracle.
  • Design for new features and functions.
    As you build your site features, we design the experiences that integrate with your brand and your tech stack, developing great customer experiences for adoption and retention.
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Capture lost revenue by optimizing your digital business experience.

We work with sales leaders to reduce costs and increase digital revenue:

  • Improve sales processes.
    Uncover inefficiencies and roadblocks in your CPQ, billing, subscription. Design the user experience that makes your team more efficient and effective.
  • Build for self-service.
    Design and launch features and tools that allow your customers and partners to get their job done online, and easily.
  • Capture more eCommerce revenue.
    Improve your eCommerce digital experiences to drive higher order values, lifetime values, and protect your business from digital competitors.


Great experience design creates accessible and engaging experiences that convert.

graphic designers meeting
graphic designers meeting

Meticulously researched and implemented user experience design removes friction in your digital experiences. This makes it as easy as possible for users to research, shop, and transact with you online. Drive greater digital revenue and loyalty with experience design innovation. For example:

  • A fast, personalized eCommerce website for your customers and partners where it is easy to find, shop, and reorder favorite products with custom prices.
  • A designed CPQ frontend experience so your sales reps can do their job faster and with more accuracy.
  • Uncover and redesign bad revenue and poor customer experiences in your buying flows

Object Edge Experience Design Services

  • User Experience Research and Strategy
  • B2B Website Design (eCommerce website design, punchout/eProcurement, brand websites, and apps)
  • B2C Website Design (eCommerce and omnichannel design, shopping optimization, mobile and apps)

Benefits of Great Experience Design

Robust experience design implementation helps drive your digital business.

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What is User Experience Design?


User experience (UX) describes the way your users feel when they interact with your brand. UX design is human-first. At Object Edge, we look at ways to improve the digital experiences for all of your users. This can include prospects, customers, partners, and associates.


Our Experience Design Process

Object Edge provides industry-leading experience design services with a comprehensive, collaborative approach. We bring:

  • A personalized, strategic approach
  • Diverse skill sets, including technical experience and design expertise
  • Constant evolution, training, and certification for our team
Experience Design Process Graphic
Experience Design Process Graphic

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