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Leadership Team

Headshot of Jags Krishnamurthy

Jags Krishnamurthy


Jags is a passionate tech vigilante. As CEO of Object Edge, he follows how technology changes the landscape for businesses across the world. He’s motivated by happy, engaged people. His motto: financial yesterday, commerce today, eagerly waiting for tomorrow every day.

Headshot of Rohit Garewal

Rohit Garewal


Rohit is a forward-thinking eCommerce evangelist, especially focused on re-energizing the B2B sector and merging the old disciplines with new technology opportunities. He is passionate about delivering profitable growth through people-driven digital transformation. Watch his talk on digital transformation


Headshot of Kiran Gawde

Kiran Gawde

Technology practice lead

Kiran is an experienced technical architect with an engineering background and a focus on implementing on-premise to cloud commerce using agile methodologies. He wears many hats in supporting eCommerce implementations, agile project management, and performance tuning.

Headshot of Lakshmi KP

Lakshmi KP

CSM Practice Lead

Lakshmi is an experience digital product manager with a diverse background in eCommerce, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and data analytics. She brings management consulting experience in helping enterprises improve business processes and spearheading digital transformation initiatives.

Headshot of Kelly Rader

Kelly Rader, CUA

Vice President
digital experience

Kelly is a digital pioneer with 20+ years of experience bringing innovative digital products and services to market for many industries and within a variety of challenging environments. She is an effective leader in building organizational alignment on strategy and delivering creative solutions that solve real business problems.

Headshot of Mohan Datar

Mohan Datar

Director of Operations

Mohan is a professional consultant with expertise in enterprise architecture, application software development, IT strategy consulting, IT governance and security. He brings 35+ years of experience in fields such as eGovernment, electricity generation and distribution, banking, insurance, and hospitality.

Headshot of Mohan Datar

Kaustubh Umalkar

Technology practice lead

Kaustubh is a technologist who works as a liaison between Business and Technology and help them bridge the gap. With 10+ years in eCommerce, he builds scalable and well architected solutions. Kaustubh is passionate about building teams and motivating them to achieve their full potential.

Headshot of Mohan Datar

Giuliano Riboni


Giuliano is a people-driven manager, focused on team health and performance. He brings 15+ years of experience in development, architecture and project management in eCommerce to support Object Edge’s culture of integrity, honesty, customer focus, and technical excellence at all levels of our company.

Headshot of Amarjeet Garewal

Tiago Machado


Tiago is a digital professional with 12+ years of experience in eCommerce and web projects. He is a strong team leader skilled in creative solutions to solve business problems. Tiago is passionate about working together with motivated people towards achieving the best results.

Headshot of Amarjeet Garewal

Carlos Flores


Carlos has been working with software projects since 2004 and eCommerce implementations since 2013. He brings a passion for project management and agile approaches to drive successful projects. 

Headshot of Amarjeet Garewal

Mauricio Neto


Mauricio is a computer scientist with 15+ years in software development. He brings vast experience with corporate systems, API integrations, eCommerce, and portals. Mauricio is passionate about technology and the challenges that come with it.

Headshot of Eugenio Pretto

Renata Frozza


Renata has deep experience designing and delivering digital solutions with an extensive portfolio. She is focused on building experiments to accelerate the adoption of new technologies that increase value for our team and clients.

Headshot of Eugenio Pretto

Fernanda Marques


Fernanda is responsible for the administrative and personnel department, with 12 years of experience. She is passionate about searching for and applying best practices to support healthy team performance.

Marketing + Sales

Headshot of Eugenio Pretto

Sarah Falcon


Sarah is a nimble and creative marketing leader with nearly 15 years of experience in a mix of agencies, B2B, and B2C enterprises. She brings a background in building and driving impactful marketing practices and processes for growing businesses. Sarah has expertise in brand, content marketing, lead generation, and marketing operations.

Headshot of Adam Thibodeaux

Adam Thibodeaux


Adam is a senior-level commerce leader, practitioner, and consultant with 20 years of experience in the top retail, consumer packaged goods, and manufacturing companies. He is a resourceful, creative thinker that is multi-disciplined in business, creative, and technology.

Board Members

Headshot of Igor

Amarjeet Garewal


Amarjeet is the senior technology executive and founder of Object Edge. He serves as chairman, bringing 22+ years of leadership experience in establishing a culture of integrity, honesty, customer focus, and technical excellence. Amarjeet is a visionary technical architect who provides innovative, effective, and efficient business solutions for entrepreneurial teams. His major accomplishments include architecting, designing, and engineering distributed applications and distributed computing environment management tools utilizing object technology, standard communications facilities, transaction processing applications, host and client-server database facilities.

Headshot of Igor

Igor Abramovich


Igor is a technical expert specializing in architecture, design, and the development of software systems. He brings 30+ years of AI experience in both R&D (Honeywell in Minneapolis) and building commercial expert systems (Honeywell & Computas in Oslo). Igor is the co-founder of Object Edge and is a contributor to a number of large-scale projects that deliver solutions to corporate clients. He is an innovative architect who provides effective technology solutions to some of the world’s most difficult business problems.

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