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Logik.io: Configuration Engine Implementation Partner

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What is Logik.io?

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Logik.io is a sophisticated B2B configuration engine that boosts enterprise growth through eCommerce and CPQ systems. Features include:

  • Advanced logic engine for speed and complexity
  • Customized selling and buying experiences
  • Headless architecture
  • Visual logic management for rapid B2B updates

Sales teams also have access to powerful selling tools for providing quotes and converting more orders in an omnichannel environment.

How does Logik.io do CPQ differently?

Enhancing Salesforce CPQ programs–as well as replacing outdated CPQ technology–Logik.io gives B2B sales teams the power to sell even the most complex products and services more easily through a guided, intuitive experience. This includes the ability to build self-service quote configurations. Buyers can also make purchases online easily, configuring products, quotes, and completing transactions on their own.

Logik.io configuration technology provides platform consolidation for Salesforce-native applications, reducing time and expense related to integration, and daily CPQ maintenance. Rules and fields can be edited seamlessly upon introduction of new regulations or product innovation, and admins can add and amend without custom scripting or coding.

Benefits of Headless CPQ

Designed as a headless, API-first system, the Logik.io commerce logic engine is easily configured and plugged into a framework of different platforms to meet advanced needs for products, software, and services. Configuration time is cut down significantly, and sales teams gain increased productivity.

Headless technology separates the front-end from the back-end, allowing businesses to expand their systems easily, customizing features as needed. Logik.io allows sales teams to find data quickly, providing a smooth, streamlined selling process. Once the headless framework is configured initially, it is immediately ready to work with numerous platforms and devices–making it much faster to connect with popular new channels.

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In partnership with Object Edge

By integrating Logik.io, Object Edge makes it possible for businesses to enhance speed and eliminate many of the limitations associated with CPQ systems. Products, data, and administration can all be kept within the Salesforce platform, with Logik.io layered on top as a simplified administration interface. Logik.io services include:

  • Logik.io implementation and optimization
  • Data engineering and governance
  • UX and UI design

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