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Stibo Systems MDM and PIM Implementation Partner

Looking to streamline your data management processes? Object Edge is here to help with our expertise in implementing Stibo Systems' master data management (MDM) solutions.


What is Stibo Systems?


Stibo Systems is a global software company specializing in master data management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) solutions. The company has a long history in data management, evolving into a provider of software solutions for managing product information and other business-critical data.

Stibo Systems offers a range of data management solutions that enable businesses to manage, govern, and share data across various domains, including product information management (PIM), customer data management, supplier data management, and more.

These solutions help organizations improve their data quality, streamline operations, enhance decision-making, and foster better collaboration among different business units and partners.

Object Edge = PIM and MDM Implementation Experts

We offer consulting, design, implementation, and management solutions for enterprise PIM and Master Data Management Systems including Stibo Systems.

Object Edge Differentiators

An agile digital consultancy with deep expertise in data, a consultative-first approach to business, and a track revenue of driving business results for our clients.

  • Best-shore teams with on-shore leadership and project mentorship across US, Brazil, and India
  • Innovative and tailored data solutions
  • Strong focus on data quality
  • Collaborative approach with agile mindset
  • Scalable services for businesses of all sizes
  • Results-driven approach for tangible value creation

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