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Implement a MACH Enterprise Technology Ecosystem

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Understanding MACH

MACH is a powerful framework for building modern digital architectures.

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Over the last couple of decades in enterprise architecture, capabilities have typically been built using monolithic application frameworks, either hosted in the enterprise data center or a co-located data center with other organizations. These monolithic applications typically provide application functionality, transactional processing, and user interfaces.

A MACH-centric approach upends the typical monolithic structure and allows for customization, enabling businesses to build with best-of-breed platforms and flexible architectures.

MACH also enables enterprises to move organically to a more ownership-driven culture. In this model, central teams go away, but their capabilities don’t. The capabilities are devolved down to individual teams. Teams own one or more microservices from top to bottom. They define the architecture, the programming language used, and the back-end storage used. They also make the build-vs-buy decisions, test their own services and deploy and operate them independently. Just as importantly, moving to a MACH architecture enables business productivity improvements via business engagement in application development, resulting in more effective product management.

Why Object Edge is MACH Certified

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The MACH Alliance is a collective of forward-thinking technology companies with a desire to create change in the digital space. Their primary focus is to drive the digital transformation for enterprise clients by advocating for a transformative user experience online. With best-of-breed architecture at the forefront, The MACH Alliance connects its members and their customers with flexible, intuitive enterprise technologies that enhance the commerce experience.

This idea of continued innovation and thought leadership led Object Edge to join the MACH Alliance and become MACH certified in an effort to support the continuous evolution of the digital experience. Object Edge is fundamentally aligned with the idea of building scalable experiences through best-of-breed architecture. Our MACH Alliance membership underscores our commitment to a flexible, effortless and customer-centric approach to complex digital systems.

Members of the MACH Alliance

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