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What is CPQ?


CPQ (or Configure, Price, Quote) is a software solution used by B2B businesses to allow customers and associates to quickly create a customized quote for an order. Quotes created via CPQ software are rule-based, meaning they follow a predetermined set of rules, accounting for a long list of variables, including: quantity, customization, optional features, pricing, and discounting.

CPQ software can replace a complex and manual system of faxes, emails, spreadsheets, and phone calls.

Enterprise CPQ enables sophisticated quoting, which includes:

  • Configure: pick and choose from a mix of products, product components, and services configured for your specific customer or business.
  • Price: advanced, and customer-specific pricing, including: discounting, bundling, account-based pricing rules, volume discounts, channel/partner/account-based pricing.
  • Quote: A fast, accurate quote that is produced online, shared via email, and with options to e-sign.

CPQ Solutions


Capture digital revenue and improve margins with enterprise CPQ implementation. Object Edge brings an expert, multifaceted approach, with CPQ services including:

CPQ Design

A modern, clean design means CPQ that’s easier to adopt, faster to use, and offers a higher ROI.

CPQ Architecture

An integrated CPQ solution reduces friction, manual actions, and prevents errors in your commerce systems.

CPQ Implementation

Object Edge partners with market-leading solutions. We provide Salesforce CPQ implementation, Oracle CPQ implementation, and Logik.io (headless CPQ) implementation.

CPQ Performance Optimization

Many businesses struggle with slow and clunky CPQ systems. We bring a UX, architecture, and development approach to solving these problems.

CPQ for Sales

Robust CPQ allows sales teams to quote complicated and configurable products and services accurately and in real time. This reduces errors, time-to-quote, and time-to-close. CPQ solutions minimize the time sales reps have to spend doing things other than selling. Enabling teams with CPQ eliminates sales errors and allows them to focus on more critical, revenue-oriented tasks. According to a Salesforce report, CPQ accelerates sales with:

  • 10x quicker quote generation
  • 95% reduction in time for approval
  • 30% quicker onboarding for new sales members

CPQ for Self-Service

Enabling CPQ for your B2B customers opens up new tools for digital self-service, allowing your customers to do business with you easily without having to pick up the phone or send an email. In a competitive digital landscape, you can improve the customer experience by allowing them to quickly and accurately create quotes with custom pricing, product recommendations, and personalized offers.

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