Configure Price Quote (CPQ)

Is a powerful digital channel that lowers costs, increases sales, and improves customer experience.


Understanding CPQ

CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote solutions, allow companies to quickly and accurately generate complex sales quotes for configurable products. Quotes created via CPQ software follow a predetermined set of rules, accounting for a long list of variables, like: quantity, customization, optional features, discounts, etc.

Even better, CPQ often works in tandem with other solutions, like CRM platforms or ERP programs, which provides integrated data and simplifies business operations. 

CPQ & Sales Teams

B2B businesses can leverage CPQ services to help sales teams quote complicated and configurable products quickly and accurately. CPQ can also transform high-touch sales processes into self-service. Shift time off sales teams by empowering customers to self-service. Lower the cost of sale, and enable sales reps to spend more time prospecting.

CPQ's Impact on Sales Teams graphic

CPQ & Revenue

CPQ's Impact on Sales Teams graphic

Aside from the obvious cost savings associated with sales teams that can truly focus on selling, not on creating quotes, CPQ is also proven to increase order value.

Per a recent Forrester study, B2B companies that have digital and physical customer touch points have a 17% higher average order value.