Oracle CPQ Technology Implementation Partner

Oracle’s Configure, Price, and Quote Cloud is a game-changer for enterprise businesses.

Leading the pack of CPQ vendors, Oracle CPQ Cloud streamlines sales practices and empowers your sales teams to sell more effectively, all while providing an enhanced customer experience. 

This product allows salespeople to optimize pricing and discounting, and easily develop detailed proposals and contracts for B2B and B2C clients.

Oracle CPQ Cloud also flawlessly connects front-end systems like your CRM to back-end systems such as ERP and other legacy solutions your brand uses daily, allowing you to deliver superior customer service without sacrificing critical, internal functionality. 

By bringing product data, pricing, discounting, contracts, renewals, and other key customer custumizations into one central point, this solutions speeds up your time to close. Even better, it automates numerous sales tasks, allowing your people to focus on strengthening their customer relationships.

Breaking Down the Features


Balance your brand’s needs with your customer’s desires through configuration. Thanks to Oralce CPQ Cloud’s use of business rules, sales teams no longer have to manually work through products to determine compatability. CPQ saves time on these nuances, empowering salespeople to create accurate configurations quickly.

Configurations can be created on any device, anywhere, provide simple steps to help salespeople identify customer needs and specific products to address them, and even offers an easy way to manage subscription ordering.


Oracle CPQ Cloud automates pricing decisions, including the multiple variables that shift from quote to quote.

It streamlines approvals via intelligent automation, builds the right deals, and supports a variety of pricing models based upon channels, seasons, promotions, location, discounts, and other ever-shifting variables.


Branded, professional quotes are as easy and pick-and-click! Oracle CPQ Cloud’s document designer creates beautiful proposals that are simple for customers to navigate. Sales teams scan control the amount of information shared, and can even customize documentation, such as systems, drawings, and 3D renderings. 

For international clients, multilingual proposals are fast and easy to produce. Other speed-focused features, like eSignatures, allow you to make the process as easy on the customer as possible.