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What does CPQ stand for?

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Salesforce developed the Configure, Price, Quote tool to accelerate the quoting process for sales teams, making it easier to configure complex products and provide accurate pricing for any item. The Salesforce CPQ platform allows you to cut costs and improve digital revenue while enjoying an efficient, easy-to-use system that drives higher order values, customer lifetime values, and gives your business a self-service competitive advantage.

What is the Salesforce CPQ Process?

Salesforce CPQ is built to speed the time to create a quote and capture revenue. It consists of three core services:

CPQ for Your Team and Your Customers

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Salesforce CPQ is available for sales reps, making it easier to reach customers and decision makers when selling products and services–many of which may be quite complex. A powerful CPQ system makes it possible to save time, reduce errors in communication and pricing, and advances revenue through faster quote generation offering 95% reduction in time for approval, and 30% quicker onboarding for new members of your sales team.

B2B customers also benefit from Salesforce CPQ,  beginning with digital self-service. Many of your customers would rather bypass phone or email completely, performing their jobs online. They can work more effectively, saving time online while recommending products, and tailoring both offers and quotes to customer needs. Salesforce CPQ serves up robust self-service tools for B2B customers.

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Salesforce CPQ Best Practices

Object Edge provides comprehensive Salesforce CPQ design, implementation, and maintenance. We bring experienced architects and developers to launch and optimize Salesforce CPQ.

We help your business capture real revenue results with Salesforce CPQ best practices:

  • Process and roles definition
  • Roadmapping and architecture
  • Customization to your business requirements
  • Integration and implementation
  • Monitoring and optimization
  • Analytics, reporting, and insights

What is Salesforce CPQ

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What is CPQ, or Configure, Price, Quote?

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