Walnut Creek, California, March 10, 2021

Object Edge, an award-winning eCommerce consultancy, announces a new partnership with CustomerGauge, the leading B2B VoC software according to Gartner. For their B2B customers, Object Edge now provides a leading partner for understanding, evaluating, and improving customer experience.  

“This new offering allows our clients to establish an in-depth Voice of the Customer program quickly. CustomerGauge uniquely pulls data from all parts of the organization - no matter how complex - including customers, partners, suppliers, stores, and accounts. With a focus on actionable insights, it helps B2B businesses identify where they can best focus their efforts to grow revenue. As B2Bs look for opportunities to differentiate and compete, understanding and improving customer experience is crucial.” - Kelly Rader, VP of Digital Experience at Object Edge
“We’re thrilled to be partnering with Object Edge to help transform the way B2B companies engage with their accounts and customers. Transformation is happening faster than ever in B2B businesses. Our Account Experience solution and Object Edge’s experience is the perfect pairing to help enterprise companies navigate the changing B2B landscape and grow faster.” - Alexander Torrance, Partnerships Manager at CustomerGauge


Object Edge is an award-winning consultancy that designs, implements, and manages eCommerce in B2B and B2C. As the digital landscape changes, we are here to help you navigate it. With enterprise eCommerce implementations, rich experience design, and commerce accelerators, we transform your business using the world's leading eCommerce platforms.


CustomerGauge is recognized as the top VoC software for B2B by Gartner in the most recent Critical Capabilities report. Built from the ground up to cater to the more complex B2B account environment, the CustomerGauge Account Experience™ solution collects feedback and churn signals at the account-level and distributes this information in real-time to front-line employees so businesses can proactively retain and grow accounts faster. Account Experience also takes the guesswork out of the experience ROI equation by linking all account metrics and sentiment directly to revenue so you can maximize buy-in from the c-suite ensuring long-term program success and cultural transformation.

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