January 31, 2019

Benefits for B2B in the OCC 18D Release

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While there are two major new features in the OCC 18D release, there are also seven additional areas that received updates. But when it comes to release notes,.. Free 30-minute consultation............

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While there are two major new features in the OCC 18D release, there are also seven additional areas that received updates. But when it comes to release notes, it can be difficult to decipher which updates will mean the most to your business. So here are the updates that mean the best news specifically for B2B:

Support for multiple catalogs:

A great addition for companies that need to restrict product visibility based on customer types and qualifications. Dealers, customers, resellers, channel partners

An Object Edge SME described the benefit this way, “In addition to obvious benefits, now companies will have the ability to edit the master data source one time and know that the change will be replicated in all versions of their catalog. This will save time, reduce human error, and improve the customer experience.”

Anonymous shopper (aka User Self-registration):

Allows an anonymous shopper or existing B2B contact to request to be added to an existing B2B account. This account can be approved or rejected by a merchant or delegated administrator.

By simply providing their Account ID, this approval process gets a streamlined update that OCC customers have been wanting.

Since self-service on-boarding is key to getting customers to quickly engage with a site this is both a much needed and wanted addition. The potentially unrealized benefit is that the process is neither manual or taxing to the company. Definitely a win-win for customer and company!

Quick order form:

Customers can now leverage a structured CSV file format to effectively and efficiently add items and quantities to their cart.

This is especially important to customers who have repetitive orders or order with numerous SKUs. Adding continuity to their way of working ensures an improved customer experience.

Saved cart:

This addition allows customers to pause their transaction, finalize the purchase order approval process for their company, and then continue with finalizing the purchase. Benefits to the company include both a reduced number of abandoned carts and a new category to receive marketing reminders.

GDPR compliance:

Since the announcement in May 2018 that GDRP regulations would include ‘right to erasure’, OCC has been vigilant is adding this layer of managing customer data. This feature is now available in API only.

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