Congratulations to Roger Rohatgi, Eugenio Pretto, Adriano Zanette, Douglas Hipolito, and Rafael Zorzo for their recent first place finish at the “Hack a Smarter Customer Experience” at Oracle Modern CX!

Award Winners

The idea for the innovative solution was more than technology, it was personal. Inspired by Creative Director Roger Rohatgi’s son, Jordan, who has autism, the team set out to address some of the daily challenges faced by children with autism. And while the drawing board quickly filled with design elements and feature functions, the team realized they were on to something bigger than a contest entry.

Applying the latest tech advances from Oracle (including Oracle Commerce Cloud, Oracle Loyalty Cloud, Oracle Mobile Cloud Service with Intelligent Bots, and Oracle Jet) this team of cutting-edge thinkers and innovators developed RE:MIND. The app to help children with autism remember tasks, earn rewards, and receive encouragement each and every day.

The prototype incentivizes through gamification and takes advantage of geo-location and micro- location beacon technology. The team combined the principles of Augmented Reality and Artificial Intelligence to form what they call “Augmented Intelligence”. The re:mind app is designed to augment our intelligence by providing reminders that could be visual, audible, or textual.

In addition to a layer of machine learning that could essentially develop reminders and assistance in ways we haven’t thought of yet. This was a major differentiator to the hackathon judges! They realized the re:mind app could expand to incorporate not only the full portfolio of Oracle’s environments but also wearables, voice enabled devices, and chat bots. The judges agreed with the team that this tool could also open up many other commerce applications such as tourism, retail, oil and energy, and real estate.

As is the standard for Object Edge’s projects and partnerships, this team designed and developed new functionality using Oracle services to continually increase engagement and open new revenue channels.

To learn more about how to put these great minds and ideas to work for your business, click here.

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