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When a leading the leading provider of real estate property data in the US faced significant challenges in their go-to-market strategies for online goods and services, they chose to partner with Object Edge to find solutions and realize success.

The challenge

  • Providing non-traditional digital goods to the marketplace. 
  • Ability to cross-reference and index data across many disparate sources
  • Generate on-demand reports 
  • Manage multiple buying models such as pre-paid, subscription, and one-time purchase
Picture of the Object Edge Process

The Approach

  • Creating custom interfaces for B2B, B2C, and B2B2C 
  • Leveraging Extreme Agile Development which includes daily releases
  • Designing a headless architecture leveraging React as a front-end technology to provide complete flexibility for design and development

The Solution

In this situation, the architecture is truly headless because the React front end does not utilize any content management or managed hosting/deployment solutions. The Front-End development team publishes HTML/Javascript/AJAX code which utilizes Oracle’s Commerce Cloud’s API’s to surface functionality.   

eCommerce platform selection (Oracle Cloud Commerce)

  • API-first architecture, which is inherently headless
  • Transaction engine utilized to capture the transaction and trigger access to their digital asset portal
  • Improved development times, enabling the company to produce a completely custom consumer site within just 2.5 months
1st Mockup of the design
2nd Mockup of the design

Mockup of the Designs

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