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7 Impacts of Poor Taxonomy

December 4, 2018


Katie Moon

During our recent webinar, Take your B2B catalog online in 90 days, our panel of experts from Object Edge, BloomReach, and Salsify answered questions like: Why you should want an online catalog?and What are some of the most important components of a catalog?

They also shared 7 impacts of poor taxonomy

  1. People can’t find what they’re looking for!
  2. Literal ‘web’ of retail content that search engines can’t index properly
  3. Helpful consumer features like “filter”, “compare”, and “sort become confusing to people and misunderstood semantically by crawlers and search engines
  4. SEO becomes more difficult and more expensive
  5. Thesaurus entries are longer
  6. Complications for features like breadcrumb navigation are often so challenging retailers pull the features altogether
  7. Critical services like “coupons”, “promotions”, and “shipping” require expensive platform customizations to account for all the special circumstances and compromises in the taxonomy rules.

Click here to view the entire webinar.

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