If your goal is digital transformation, it’s time to evolve how your business manages change. Featuring Rohit Garewal and CommercePros, discover how a people-driven approach is critical for Change Management.

In this webinar on demand, you'll learn:

  • What does digital transformation mean today and what opportunities does it open for competitive businesses?
  • The top three challenges to digital maturity and how your business can overcome them.
  • Understanding your business culture and how to get it ready to support digital transformation.
  • Building true organization alignment for transformation.

About the Author

Blue dotted circleRohit Garewal

Rohit Garewal


Rohit is a forward-thinking eCommerce evangelist, especially focused on re-energizing the B2B sector and merging the old disciplines with new technology opportunities. He is passionate about delivering profitable growth through people-driven digital transformation. Watch his talk on digital transformation.

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