Oracle Customer Experience Cloud, often referred to as Oracle CX Cloud Suite, or Oracle CX Suite, is a robust, strategic solution for enterprise businesses.

Oracle recognizes that enterprise-level businesses serve customers with high expectations. As the digital landscape evolves and new channels and technologies emerge, customers demand user experiences that incorporate the latest and greatest.

Thankfully, the Oracle CX Suite is designed with innovative technologies and connected applications, so that you can continually improve customer experiences.

Connecting with Customers in Meaningful Ways

One challenge many enterprises experience is creating meaningful, personalized experiences for customers in real-time. 

Oracle Cloud CX addresses this challenge by delivering experiences tailored to a customer’s online behavior. 

It mines available customer data to predict their needs, and then helps businesses engage with customers at the appropriate moment. 

Thanks to artificial intelligence and comprehensive analytics, Oracle offers critical customer insights.

In fact, Oracle CX Cloud even gathers all customer data into a single profile that can be used to customize services, products, and other elements of their user experience.

End-to-End Solutions

In addition to making the customer experience seamless, Oracle CX Suite also connects your back-end and front-end systems. 

It pulls all sorts of enterprise operations, like finance, supply chain, channel marketing, contact centers, and CX together in a unified, cloud-based platform.

Oracle also recognizes that when you suddenly need to alter the customer journey, or adopt new channels, you need to be able to do so quickly and with minimal deployment efforts.

Accordingly, Oracle CX Cloud offers predesigned, configurable solutions that integrate easily with your back-office solutions. This way you can change the customer experience without impacting your internal processes.

A Suite of Services

As a cloud-based platform, Oracle CX Suite is incredibly scalable. And, as its name implies, it also offers a full suite of services. No more piecemeal solutions, this best-of-breed approach brings benefits to your internal teams and to your customers. 

Let’s break down each of the services available as part of the CX Cloud.

CX Marketing

With the Marketing Cloud, you can create seamless marketing experiences targeted to the proper audiences. Oracle’s personalized approach and real-time insights allow you to increase engagement, reach the right people, and ensure that your message resonates with them.

In addition to audience segmentation, campaign management, and various automation, CX Marketing also helps with customer acquisition, which is critical to any enterprise.

CX Sales

Oracle’s Sales Cloud helps with responsive selling. It unifies all your touchpoints, and makes the entire customer experience a smooth one. 

You can manage subscriptions, relationships, and sales data all through this solution. It also handles CPQ (configure, price, quote), automates sales, and helps with sales planning.

CX Commerce

Oracle’s Commerce solution can function anywhere, anytime. Whether you’re managing wholesale or need B2B buyers to have access to self-service, CX Commerce does it.

It’s designed to support omnichannel digital experiences, which are increasingly in demand.

Oracle CX Commerce builds websites or virtual storefronts via a template and other predesigned components, making it fast and easy to deploy.

Plus, its flexible, API-first, headless architecture makes it incredibly versatile.

CX Service

Oracle’s Service Cloud helps to personalize customer service engagements. 

With a Service Center, automation to assist with advice and decision making, field service management, and both high-volume and high-value processes, CX Service puts the focus on your customers, and delivers a superior customer experience.

An Industry Focus

Aside from the obvious cost, maintenance, and expertise savings of bundling multiple components into one suite of services, Oracle CX Suite is also designed with enterprises in mind, and has additional features focused on specific industries and their needs.

CX for Communications

This feature helps media and communication companies to provide tailored solutions for enterprise customers. It includes an Open Digital Architecture, omnichannel commerce and care, and enterprise catalog and design, among other tools.

CX for Financial Services

If you’re looking for solutions for consumer or corporate banking or insurance industries, Oracle Cloud CX for Financial Services will help you meet customer needs.

From securities and investments to platform banking, and regulation and marketing initiatives, it’s equipped to help you deliver an outstanding customer experience.

CX for High Tech, Manufacturing, Automotive

For manufacturers and distributors, this solution allows for digital customer acquisition and engagement, and empowerment of partners and dealers. 

CX for Consumer Markets and Retail

Whether you’re in wholesale distribution, or consumer goods or retail, Oracle CX Suite’s CX for Consumer Markets and Retail can help. 

It allows for a single customer identity, utilizes AI to identify moments of need, and can handle both B2C and B2B engines. 

CX for Public Sector

Finally, the Public Sector solution positions health and human services, and government agencies for success. 

It manages complex processes like intake and eligibility, customs and immigration processing, outreach and self-service, community development, and other important aspects of work in this sector.

In Conclusion 

Between the robust data collection, AI, and analysis; a comprehensive suite of services; end-to-end solutions that easily integrate and rapidly scale; and a slew of industry-specific features, Oracle CX Suite solves numerous enterprise challenges.

If your organization may be ready to upgrade your customer and team member experience, reach out to the team of experts at Object Edge to learn more about how to make that process go smoothly.

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