Object Edge is leading the digital transformation of marketing and sales operations for large B2B and retail enterprises across the globe.  Our specialty is to design, execute, and curate digital transformations that drive increased customer loyalty and employee efficiency, with services in creative/UX, platform implementations, and big data application.

We fundamentally believe that effective digital transformation begins with great people and partnerships, and a corporate alignment that a roadmap of innovation requires the internal change of technology, process, and culture.

For most enterprises, digital transformation will include both commerce and content innovations. For that reason, we’ve been working with the world’s best content and commerce platforms that help tie a brand’s content closely to a transaction.  Today, we are proud to announce our partnership with one of the world’s only DXP (digital experience platform), BloomReach.

Gartner Inc agrees with our choice, as they recently moved BloomReach to a ‘leadership’ position in their Magic Quadrant – read below for more details.

The 2018 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Web Content Management (WCM) report offers a comprehensive overview of today’s technologies and informs leaders about the latest vendor developments in the WCM landscape. Widely viewed as a leading resource in the industry, the report provides an objective perspective on the Web Content Management space.

For the 2018 edition, Gartner evaluated 18 WCM vendors and in addition to dot placement, also outlined the top three strengths and weaknesses of each vendor. Several of the key comments about BloomReach include:

  • For the first time, BloomReach Experience is getting credit for its User Interface.

The team at Object Edge has seen the effort and energy BloomReach has focused on improving usability, and we are glad to see their work being recognized.

  • Gartner also acknowledges that BloomReach Experience has grown beyond the WCM market into the DXP space.

BloomReach Experience has previously been recognized for superior architecture; however, this accolade exceeds that, as Gartner foresees API-driven platforms to be the future and acknowledges that BloomReach is already there.

“Being included in the Leaders quadrant for the second year in a row to us is a validation of our market vision and strategy,” said Raj De Datta, co-founder and CEO of BloomReach. “Looking at Gartner’s evaluation, I feel that the analysts recognized the efforts we made in the past year to further improve our offering, giving us credit not only for our optimized user interface but also for our API-driven, standards based architecture that is geared towards various digital experience scenario’s.”

It’s significant to note that items that were indicated as cautions about BloomReach in 2017, are now being called out as strengths in 2018. And that caution items in the current report are already being addressed including the hiring of several key leadership positions.

“The WCM space is an old space and quite a few leaders have been around for decades. Our software however is used for digital transformation that needs velocity”, said Patrick Finn, Head of Global Channels at BloomReach. “What we are currently seeing is solution partners being focused on velocity and looking for a modern, API-first platform with built-in AI capabilities.”

BloomReach is redefining the WCM landscape with the world’s first open and intelligent Digital Experience Platform and the 2018 Gartner report agrees as it evaluates vendors on the completeness of their vision and their ability to execute.

Read the report to find out more about BloomReach strengths according to Gartner.

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