In April 2020 we introduced Jumpstart eCommerce Accelerator - a new Elastic Path accelerator to rapidly launch your eCommerce channel.

For years, B2B businesses have struggled with getting eCommerce up and running quickly. The process of getting a B2B eCommerce site launched is typically a 1-2 year project that swallows the time and resources of an already lean team. 

Thankfully, there is now a way to take a more efficient approach to eCommerce. Jumpstart eCommerce Accelerator eliminates the time, cost, and effort of defining and building the front end experience of your eCommerce site. This accelerator speeds up your time to market. 

About Jumpstart

Jumpstart was created to give your customers an exceptional eCommerce experience, while providing you the flexibility to make strategic decisions and see ROI in weeks, not years.

The Jumpstart eCommerce Accelerator integrates with your Elastic Path software and ERP to get your eCommerce business up and running, with all of the B2B features you need, in record time.

Jumpstart Services

Jumpstart provides a fully turnkey team that supports, enhances, and operates your channel at a cost savings of over 50% (compared to traditional ways of managing eCommerce).  These services include: 

Operating eCommerce

  • Importing customers, catalogs, price-lists 
  • Setting up promotions 
  • Creating and uploading banners 
  • Producing analytics reports


  • Change management to get your leadership and managers ready 
  • Training your team on how to set up customers and run the new eBusiness 

White-Glove Onboarding and Support

  • Customer setup: getting your eCommerce customers registered, using the site, and ordering 
  • Monitoring: carefully watching each online order
  • Optimization: identifying and working through any issues that arise in the onboarding process
  • Bug fixes for issues on the site 

Ongoing Enhancements

  • Hosting and maintenance 
  • Business operations support (SEO, content, onsite search optimization) 
  • Changes in functionality to the site

Cost Savings

This solution trims down the time and costs usually invested in an eCommerce launch. You’ll eliminate:

  • 3-6 months documenting requirements 
  • 2-3 months on UX
  • 4-6 months on front end implementation 
  • 1-2 months for testing 
  • Hiring and retaining key channel team members

Instead, you’ll be able to: 

  • Provide a better customer experience: letting customers discover, learn, and buy products online 
  • Start selling more products and reducing the cost of business 
  • Increase the lead cash cycle 
  • Improve customer retention by providing a competitive customer experience

Typically, launching a digital channel can take 1-2 years and run 36% or more over budget. This solution reduces your cost to launch by at least 80% and reduces operational costs by 50.

Next Steps

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Sarah is a nimble and creative marketing leader with 15 years of experience in a mix of agencies, B2B, and B2C enterprises. She brings a background in building and driving impactful marketing practices and processes for growing businesses. Sarah has expertise in brand, content marketing, lead generation, and marketing operations. She’s a co-author of the 2019 book on B2B eCommerce Digital Branch Secrets: eCommerce Playbook for Distributors.

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