Online commerce businesses benefit more when their shoppers are encouraged to buy multiple products together at the same time, known as product bundling – the increase in cart value, the lowered cost of shipping, and better pricing strategy allow them to increase customer experience value.

In certain cases, leading brands do not allow their products to be discounted by online retailers. But by allowing customers to add more products to the same basket, commerce businesses can offer aggressive pricing, thus making that bundle more attractive. This is just one of the benefits of product bundling.

Bundling products together with or without discounted prices is a very common feature of most eCommerce sites. Many times, these bundles are created manually. This reduces merchandising effectiveness because the manual process requires an army of people to create the bundles, resulting in very few actual bundles available on the site.

We have noticed this trend and created a way to automate eCommerce product bundles on the Oracle Commerce platform.

How do we achieve this? Automated bundling is a powerful tool that combines products based on their categories, their associations across other categories, and their attributes. Automated bundling also allows customers to add or remove products from the bundle without adding them to their shopping carts.

Intelligent product catalogs accelerate customer shopping – resulting in more relevant choices, more real-time pricing strategies, and higher customer purchasing rates.

Today’s merchandisers seek power tools to automate bundles in real-time to afford customers the right choices at the right time – resulting in higher sales for lesser costs to the merchants.

If you are thinking about automated product bundling strategies and how you can implement this in your existing commerce solution, we’d be delighted to speak with you.

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