For many legacy companies, the digital landscape can be daunting. That is why digital branding services for enterprise businesses is a must in today's market.

Perhaps you’ve already scaled your operations into the eCommerce space. But you may not have expanded your branding strategy quite as thoroughly.

While the world of digital marketing may be intimidating, it’s essential for success in today’s markets.

What Are Digital Branding Services?


Brand strategy - or developing a unique brand identity that differentiates your business and builds loyalty - is an old concept for most companies. 

What may be new to legacy brands is digital strategy, which is all about the assets, tools, budgets, etc. that it takes to make your digital presence successful. 

Combine these two for digital branding, which allows your brand to successfully navigate the digital landscape. It marries brand positioning with tools, technology, and strategies to achieve your business goals.

So digital branding services encompass everything it takes to support your digital branding. Examples include developing style and design kits; creating a website that works across all devices; crafting engaging social media content.  

The goal of digital branding services is to tell your brand story in a better way, map it back to assets, and use those assets in an integrated marketing plan that ultimately results in conversions.

A Comprehensive Approach

For a lot of clients, the best place to start is by creating a Design Maturity Model. It will help you understand where you are as a company in your overall design. This prevents web and digital from becoming an afterthought as you refresh and grow your brand.

A good analysis will audit your existing content, methods, etc., for user experience (UX), eCommerce best practices, designs, accessibility, and more. As part of this process, you’ll also consider your existing team. 

Do you need to hire new team members who have more expertise? Are there existing team members who can lead your digital transformation within the company? Do you have people who are capable, but need additional training and education? Are there some who need to be let go?

You’ll need the right content, tools, and people, not just for today - but for tomorrow.

Change Management

You’ve heard this phrase dozens of times when experts talk about the digital transformation of a company.

That’s because a lack of a change management strategy is typically the biggest stumbling block for businesses. When you hire an agency for their digital branding services, you also need to invest in understanding your customers. More significantly, you need to continually implement what you discover about your customers. 

Digital branding services drive a culture shift.

Leaders need to be equipped to lead the change management process. They also must empower those tasked with executing the digital transformation (both consultants and internally).

Fail Fast

Quite counterintuitively, digital branding is designed to fail. The key is that it’s designed to fail fast. For example, consider Instagram. Initially dubbed “Burbn,” the app worked similarly to Foursquare, with social check-ins and other features. 

However, users were really only using it to post photos. When the company stepped back and better understood its customers, a whole new digital brand - Instagram - was born.

By failing quickly, Instagram adapted, evolved, and became the powerhouse it is today.

Key Takeaway

Like it or not, we live in a digital world. All day long, people are staring at devices. 

How do brands reach them? How do we make it easier? How do we connect meaningfully with them, and become useful to them?

Digital branding services address all of this, creating a brand and experience intentionally designed with your customers in mind.

To learn more about how digital branding services can transform your business, contact Object Edge today.

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