Salesforce is a market leader in the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) process, building the tools that allow midsized and enterprise businesses to own their revenue cycles. 

What is the Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Process?

Salesforce Quote-to-Cash is a comprehensive system that includes end-to-end selling solutions, including: 

  • CPQ
  • eCommerce
  • Billing
  • Renewals and Subscription
  • Reporting and Analytics

Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Process

The Quote-to-Cash solution is designed for a clear end result: successful, completed sales. This complex process includes the following steps:

  • Product development and configuration: create and refine products and services, and tailor solutions to your customers’ needs.
  • Customized pricing: roll out tiered, account-specific, or user-specific pricing, as well as discounts, special offers, and product bundling.
  • Finalize quotes and contract details: prepare precise, formal quotes that are easy for the customer to understand, share, and sign online.
  • Order fulfillment: manage inventory, shipping, and invoicing and receipts.
  • Renewals/subscriptions: set up and allow customers to manage their renewals and subscriptions through self-service experiences.

Differences Between Quote-to-Cash and CPQ

CPQ is a critical component of QTC, but it’s not the entirety of the process. Other systems - including inventory, billing, and payments - make up the quote-to-cash system. 

Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Features 

  • Automation: increases efficiency and accuracy in creating quotes, contracts, and other documents.
  • Information management and analysis: sophisticated solutions manage and analyze client information, providing critical data to your team, and increasing the likelihood of sales.
  • Customized service: individualized customer service, pricing, and self-service experiences.
  • Faster results: faster selling, invoicing, and reporting processes, allowing for more efficient revenue capture and planning. 

Salesforce Basics of the Quote-to-Cash Process

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The Basics of the Quote-to-Cash Process

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Salesforce Quote-to-Cash Partners

Object Edge offers comprehensive Quote-to-Cash Process solutions, including:

  • Salesforce eCommerce, CPQ, and subscription implementation
  • UX and design for QTC solutions (e.g. CPQ UX design, eCommerce experience design)
  • Data engineering and analytics

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