Object Edge, an award-winning eCommerce consultancy, announces a new partnership with Clyde, an innovative and best-in-market extended warranty platform. For their enterprise and mid-market clients, Object Edge now provides a leading partner for a seamless, painless experience for businesses and their customers. 

Kelly Rader, VP of Digital Experience at Object Edge says, “We are very excited for this new partnership. This platform allows our clients - from retailers to manufacturers - to solve the challenges of offering warranties in a way that enhances the customer experience and drives significant revenue. With a simple integration, easy enablement, we have seen how Clyde can serve a complex offering in a simplified, streamlined, way. In partnership, we can help businesses provide exceptional customer experience, drive conversion and attachment rates, and grow their eCommerce business.”

Chloe Fisher, Director of Agency Partnerships for Clyde told us, “We’re proud to announce our newest partnership with award-winning digital agency Object Edge. By combining their 25 years experience in all things digital and eCommerce with our expertise in extended warranties and insurance, we’ll be able to offer more well-rounded services to our merchants. Object Edge’s consultative, analytical, and design services, as well as unique offerings like a jumpstart program and commerce accelerators will be a huge support to both B2C and B2B organizations.”


Object Edge is an award-winning consultancy that designs, implements, and manages eCommerce in B2B and B2C. As the digital landscape changes, we are here to help you navigate it. With enterprise eCommerce implementations, rich experience design, and commerce accelerators, we transform your business using the world's leading eCommerce platforms. Learn more at: objectedge.com


Clyde is a product protection platform empowering retailers to offer their customers extended warranties, growing revenue and driving customer loyalty. Clyde allows you to offer an exceptional customer experience and peace of mind when customers need you most—when something goes wrong.

Clyde’s plug-and-play platform seamlessly matches warranty contracts with products and gives retailers full visibility into customer information, claims, and program performance. Clyde makes product protection simple and intuitive for customers, with a transparent claims experience managed end-to-end by our team. Visit joinclyde.com or follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn for more information.

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