The Sunsetting of Oracle Commerce

The Oracle Commerce (ATG) eCommerce platform served hundreds of enterprise organizations. Object Edge was pivotal in building those digital experiences. Today, however, with Oracle Commerce end of life fully set, many businesses are looking to keep their existing sites working smoothly, while preparing for the future.

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What are your options?

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Short-term, we have expert, certified Oracle developers to keep your Oracle instance running as smoothly as possible.

Long-term, we help brands make the transition to their next eCommerce platform with an actionable roadmap for your migration.

End of Life doesn’t mean End of Support. But as long as there are changes to your business’  pricing models, warehouse or inventory operations, website functionality, shopping carts, order management, or customer service integrations, using an end of life platform makes keeping pace with your competitors all the more difficult and puts your business at risk.

Opportunities with Migration to Cloud eCommerce Platforms


Cloud-based platforms open up a world of new capabilities and considerations. From seamless upgrades to overhead reduction, on-demand scalability, and pay per usage metrics, it’s a viable solution for many businesses.

This is also an opportunity for digital expansion: designing digital experiences to be user-centric and revenue-driving, building modern architectures and capabilities, and building a digital business that optimizes for performance, cost-reduction, and growth.


How should you prepare for your migration from Oracle Commerce?

When you think about a platform migration, your first thought may be about how to choose the new eCommerce platform. But the most successful migrations start with a plan, not a platform, and considers your existing tools, architecture, and business needs first.