A fast, affordable, and flexible solution for innovative brands

Shopify Plus is an affordable, fluid, and rapid-launch eCommerce platform designed specifically with enterprise commerce in mind.


As commerce experts, Shopify’s Plus platform is used by a wide variety of innovative and growing brands, including Heinz, Dressbarn, Staples, Lindt, Jack Rogers, Death Wish Coffee, and other international retailers.

Their portfolio includes a variety of industries:

  • This is someFood & Beverage.
  • Fashion & Apparel
  • Consumer Electronics
  • Beauty & Cosmetics
  • Home Furnishings

These brands often turn to Shopify Plus for capabilities including:

  • Custom automation - streamline your workflow with custom automations that take the pressure off your teams and allow them to focus on your customers
  • Personalized checkout - make your customer experience personal, with special discount codes, shipping rates, and other customizations
  • Enhanced product pages - video, 3D, and AR options to display your products to their best advantage
  • Near limitless integrations - Shopify APIs allow you to integrate your systems, or go headless
  • Global storefronts - sell anywhere, at any time, to anyone, with multi-currency capabilities, and localized content options
  • Shopify Payments - an easier way for customers to pay, which results in improved conversion rates
  • Customized platform education for your teams - get up-to-speed quickly with special checklists, guides, and educational content

Even better, Shopify Plus customers see their investment pay off: over a million Shopify businesses have made more than $155 billion so far, thanks to an ability to focus on frontline customer service, not backend logistics. Shopify Plus also boasts wholesale capabilities. Their B2B eCommerce approach includes D2C features like self-service, allowing B2B customers to purchase, track, reorder, and return all online. You can also create custom pricing and discounts for customers, and sync your inventory to your Shopify Plus store. As a certified Shopify Plus partner, Object Edge can fast-track your customized Shopify Plus platform launch. We'll empower you to deliver a top-of-the-line customer experience today.

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