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Auto Parts Retailer

Retail Replatform from Oracle Commerce to Oracle CX Commerce

Auto Parts Retailer


When a retail chain of farm, industrial, and garage tools and equipment needed to modernize their eCommerce technology, they looked to Object Edge. In a complex, multiyear project, Object Edge led the move from the on-premise Oracle Commerce (ATG) to Oracle CX Commerce (OCC). This complex project was a success through a collaborative partnership with the retailer, Oracle, and Object Edge.


The Challenge

An established retail chain specializing in farm and auto parts items was ready for digital transformation. Their challenge was an eCommerce platform that was a legacy, on-premise platform (Oracle ATG) with costs and challenges to their day-to-day practices. They struggled with:

  • UI/interface changes were time consuming
  • Catalog loads were time-consuming (taking three days)
  • Stability issues with ATG
  • Setup had three nodes, and sometimes when one node is down, the entire system needed to be reset
  • Cost of ownership for a legacy, on-premise platform

Our Approach

In order to modernize and prepare for a digital future, the team selected Oracle CX Commerce (OCC) to help with these pain points. With years of customization and features, Object Edge needed to build a similar-looking site, but with more modern technical architecture and improved user experience. All with the goal of easing pain points and reducing the total cost of ownership for the retailer.

This was an extensive project for an omnichannel business with over 50 retail locations, a huge catalog, and a large, loyal customer base. The eCommerce site was designed primarily for B2C, but also includes some B2B features for smaller contractors, farmers, and businesses.

To tackle this complex site replatform, Object Edge took a highly collaborative and communicative approach with the retailer and Oracle teams.


The Results

Complex eCommerce Applications

In this project, Object Edge led five different projects, carefully coordinated to ensure a smooth launch:

  • Implementation of Oracle CX Commerce (OCC) from Oracle Commerce (ATG)
  • Implementation of Agent Console Extension (ACE). ACE is a SaaS product Object Edge built as an enhanced version of OCC Agent Console. ACE was heavily customized to meet the retailer’s business needs.
  • Implementation of a custom middleware: out of the 30+ integrations that are required for running the storefront, 25+ integrations have been custom built in this middleware. Some of these integrations have complex business logic embedded in.
  • Implementation of Curbspot order fulfillment solution for BOPIS and curbside pickup for retail locations
  • Migration of the Oracle CX Commerce storefronts to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). 

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