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October 4, 2019

Faster eCommerce for Manufacturing Companies

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An eCommerce storefront designed for manufacturers. Imagine instead of spending 18-24 months creating an RFP, building UX, design, and front-end development, you launch an eCommerce site in 3 months. BEPSY can help you get online, sooner.

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Manufacturers struggle with getting a viable, robust, eCommerce site up and running quickly. To help address this challenge, Object Edge has developed BEPSY - a B2B eCommerce Procurement System (BEPSY). BEPSY is a de-risked, quick-to-implement solution that gets your manufacturing business running online. Built from our deep knowledge of the B2B manufacturing landscape, BEPSY was created to give your customers an exceptional eCommerce experience

BEPSY is a storefront that plays with most eCommerce systems and ERPs to get your eCommerce business up and running, with all of the B2B features you need for your manufacturing business: 

  • Customer login
  • Custom pricing
  • Search and find product
  • Seamless order placement
  • CRM/customer management
  • Quoting and purchasing
  • Account management

BEPSY helps you get a B2B eCommerce website up and taking orders in record time. 

Typically launching a digital channel can take 1-2 years, and run +30% over budget. 

During this time there's often scope creep, loss of direction, and growing frustration. 

Imagine that instead of spending 18-24 months creating an RFP, building UX and design, and front-end development, you launched an eCommerce site in three months. Your next three months could be used for training your employees and onboarding your customers. Then you could spend the next 12-18 months collecting data on site performance, purchasing patterns, and digital opportunities. Your decisions moving forward would be based on the learnings you gained from a live, revenue-driving eCommerce site. 

BEPSY gives you the best practices in B2B eCommerce user experience and design and includes the features your business needs to transact online. It is your starting point to a successful, profitable, digital transformation. And it gets you there sooner. 


Today's B2B commerce suites marry the best from B2C with the nuance that B2B businesses require. For years, B2C businesses were ahead of their B2B counterparts, not just because of the human dynamic of B2B sales but also because technology platforms failed to adequately support the needs of 828 businesses .... And it's only now that businesses no longer need to rely on heavy customization to develop and run their 828 commerce stores. - Forrester

Download the full brochure here.

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