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Modernize Your Platform Architecture

Our Oracle ATG accelerator allows you to update your platform without the need for extensive restructuring. Unlock new tools without disrupting your day-to-day or changing your entire architecture overnight. 

In the last 10 to 15 years, platform architectures have seen significant changes. New architectures need complex implementations with heavy time and resource investments. Many businesses are hesitant to adopt new technologies and change their current architecture. Create a clear path to development and move towards a modern future with VAYAM. 

VAYAM eases the transition from a monolithic to a service-based architecture. Adopt VAYAM and use tools like OCC, Elastic Path, Commercetools, and more. We integrate with any platform and enable your organization to modernize and innovate. 

Develop a Modern Implementation Strategy

Prepare for the move to an API-based architecture. VAYAM is a translation layer. It decouples your front-end development from any platform. Java-based APIs let you go completely headless without any ties to back-office systems. When you decouple architectures, you gain new freedoms in your platform.

How you go headless is up to you. We supply APIs and you add the front-end. Create a modern architecture that consumes REST APIs. We built VAYAM to align with Spring Boot and REST standards, so you can deploy on-premise or on-cloud with container-based elements.

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Create Scalable Platform Solutions

A microservices approach allows you to deploy and scale specific services in each layer. Target and scale cloud deployments with efficiency. Divide each service into only its key business capability or function. Build a framework to show how each microservice works together, then scale your individual elements as needed. 

Scale and deploy platform services with ease. VAYAM's microservice-based solutions are, by design, stateless. Scale each service as needed. Update your front-end with traditional methods, or adopt new technologies like Cloudfront. No matter your front-end, VAYAM's adaptable model allows you to integrate with ease. 

Compatible eCommerce Platforms

VAYAM works with on-premise commerce platforms like Oracle ATG Web Services and SAP Hybris.

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