A groundbreaking, quick-to-implement solution that gets your B2B business running online in record time

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Launchpad eCommerce Accelerator is the world's first two-week, enterprise-level B2B eCommerce storefront.

Built from our deep knowledge of the B2B landscape, Launchpad integrates with your commercetools software and ERP. It gets your eCommerce business up and running with all of the B2B features you need to deliver a superior customer experience.

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Why Launchpad?

Typically, launching a digital channel takes 1-2 years and runs +36% over budget.

Launchpad reduces cost-to-launch by +80%, and operational costs by +50%.

Launchpad gives you the flexibility to make strategic decisions about features, automation, and time, allowing you to see ROI in weeks, not years.This expertly-crafted storefront ensures custsomer satisfaction at launch and for years to come.

Launchpad Benefits

  • Best-in-class Customer Experience
  • Improved Efficiency
  • Reduced Costs
  • Enhanced Customer Experience
  • Expanded Order Fulfillment Options

Launchpad integrates with your commercetools software and ERP to get your eCommerce business up and running, with all of the B2B features you need, in record time.

Key Features

Fully-headless architecture for highest compatibility with future technologies

Most robust set of user experiences on Day 0

Scalability with multi-cloud capable architecture

B2B Storefront designed to deliver best practices experiences

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