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B2B eCommerce procurement system

Introducing BEPSY

BEPSY for B2B Manufacturing eCommerce

A de-risked, quick-to-implement solution that gets your manufacturing business running online.

Built from our deep knowledge of the B2B manufacturing landscape, BEPSY (B2B eCommerce Procurement System) was created to give your customers an exceptional eCommerce experience.

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Discover how BEPSY can help your business launch an eCommerce channel at record speed.

BEPSY is a storefront that plays with your ATG or OCC eCommerce system and ERP to get your eCommerce business up and running, with all of the B2B features you need:

  • Customer login and pricing
  • Search and find product
  • Seamless order placement
  • Account management
  • Quoting and purchasing
Today's B2B commerce suites marry the best from B2C with the nuance that B2B businesses require. For years, B2C businesses were ahead of their B2B counterparts, not just because of the human dynamic of B2B sales but also because technology platforms failed to adequately support the needs of B2B businesses…. And it's only now that businesses no longer need to rely on heavy customization to develop and run their B2B commerce stores.
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