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As a leader in eCommerce implementation, Object Edge, develops cutting-edge eCommerce solutions that solve your business challenges. With experience in eCommerce launches for B2B, B2C, D2C, and B2A, we bring our knowledge and expertise to your biggest digital challenges. We work with you to find the right technology mix and implement solutions that drive your enterprise eCommerce.

Enterprise ecommerce implementation services

Pursue a microservices implementation consultation from Object Edge for various services to improve your business's productivity, security, and profitability:

Platform and technology evaluations:
We'll assess your current infrastructure to find areas for improvement and put you on the path toward more effective digital services.
Systems integration for Oracle CX Commerce (Oracle Commerce Cloud), commercetools, Elastic Path:
Our partnerships with some of the leading software companies enable us to get your new system up and running fast.
Configurable Price Quotes (CPQ):
Leverage tools that help B2B businesses produce accurate quotes in record time.
Product Inventory Management (PIM):
Enhance your supply awareness with tools that provide instant access to inventory information.
App Development (social, mobile, web):
Reach your consumers on the devices they use every day by implementing sharp mobile and web applications.
Enterprise Architecture:
Optimize your business's operations for the digital market by understanding and addressing your unique challenges.
Integrate a system that ensures your data is safe wherever your employees work and whichever devices they use.
We understand the regulations that apply to businesses in various sectors and can develop eCommerce solutions that comply with them.
Seamlessly transition to a robust new digital system that can scale with your business.

Commerce Platform Partners

Microservices Solutions

For businesses looking to move away from monolithic platforms and build customized, agile, and scalable solutions. Object Edge microservices solutions create a modern architecture with an application programming interface (API)-based technology stack. Microservice architecture segment functions like search functionality, product listing, credit card provider communication and more into separate services that work through the same API. This allows you to cherry pick the best in class solutions to grow your specific business. Our microservices solutions work to develop microservices strategies, API frameworks and custom stacks.

Microservices Solutions Services

Microservices Strategy:
Whether you're transitioning from a monolithic platform to a series of microservices or developing them from scratch, the process requires some careful planning. Object Edge has the expertise to help your business plan a successful microservice solution. We'll map out each website function that will become microservices to ensure they accomplish their goals. We'll also carefully plan how they interact together, so the result is a user-friendly interface that drives conversions.
API Frameworks:
When a client browsing your site finds something they'd like to interact with, their action triggers the API to send information to your microservices. An API framework contains code for all of your microservices procedures, so there's a lot going on. With Object Edge's developers in control, your software's API can improve the user eCommerce experience while ensuring the program is secure and scalable.
Custom Stack Development:
Stacks are essential to fast, effective eCommerce services because they contain information that affects the user interface and back-end functions like the API and endpoints. The experts at Object Edge can customize stacks that connect your microservices in the most prudent ways so your digital program is optimally user-friendly.

Monolithic Platform Solutions

A monolithic platform is another way to structure your eCommerce solution. While API-based microservices segment each service into its own application, monolithic platforms run all eCommerce services through a single platform. All platform components run on the same server, communicate with the same database, and use the same file system. As a result, developing, deploying, and scaling monolithic platforms are fast processes. Plus, monolithic structures can run applications quickly for an optimal user experience.  

Object Edge offers monolithic platform implementation services like:

Module development

We'll assess your needs and develop a monolith structure unique to your business.

Scaling and updating

We can adjust your monolithic platform as your needs change.


We'll monitor your monolithic platform to gauge its performance and develop improvement plans.

Microservice and Monolithic Platform Integrations

  • Analytics: Google Analytics, Adobe Test, Adobe Omniture, Avant Metrics
  • Content Delivery Network (CDN): Akamai, Cloudflare, Cloudfront, Cloudinary
  • Content Management System (CMS): Oracle WCS, Directus, BloomReach, Contently, Zmags
  • Data: Erwin, Snowplow, Tonic, SiSense
  • Email: ExactTarget, Bronto, Cheetahmail, Mandrill, Mailchimp
  • ERP: SAP, NetSuite, Protheus, VeraCore, Oracle Enterprise Resource Planning Cloud, EBS
  • Address Validation: Fedex, UPS, Experian
  • Identity Management: CA SiteMinder, Oracle Access Management (OAM)
  • Internationalization: Border Free
  • Loyalty: Global Red, Loyalty Lion
  • Marketplace: Google Shopping
  • Order Fulfillment: Microsoft Order Dynamics, Oracle EBS
  • Order Management System: IBM Sterling, OrderDynamics, Kibo Commerce
  • Payment: Worldpay, AmazonPay, PayPal, Apple Pay, Materpass, Visa Checkout, CyberSource, Eigen, Ayden, Card Connect, MoIP, Forte, GetFinancing, PayU, Stripe, Cielo, MundiPagg
  • Personalization: Reflektion, SmartHQ
  • Product Information Management (PIM): Salsify, Heiler (Informatica)
  • Product Recommendations: Oracle Endeca, Reflektion, Certona, Criteo
  • Reviews: BazaarVoice, Power Reviews, Yotpo
  • Search: Oracle Endeca, SOLR, ElasticSearch, Lucid Works, BloomReach, Reflektion, constructor.io
  • Subscription: Oracle Subscription Cloud
  • Tax: Avalara

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