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As part of Episerver, Optimizely empowers organizations to create meaningful customer experiences through experimentation.

two women looking at the code at laptop screen
two women looking at the code at laptop screen

Optimizely implementation empowers businesses to create high-quality experiences faster. Thanks to its real-time agility, businesses can collaborate more easily, and be more responsive to consumer demands.

Digital teams need solutions that allow them to experiment, measure evidence-based outcomes, and understand their impact on the customer journey so that they can continually innovate and improve.

This solution also provides streamlined experimentation across both frontend layouts and backend logistics, and measures outcomes of different options, so that businesses can create unique customer experiences at scale.

Key Capabilities

Simple yet sophisticated, Optimizely offers:

  • Best-in-Class CMS - create, manage, and deliver superior user experiences to each individual customer
  • Complete Commerce Solution - Episerver’s Commerce Cloud provides a complete shopping experience
  • Personalization - AI-driven analytics and personalization allow organizations to offer 1:1 experiences to customers
  • Experimentation - test and optimize each and every digital experience

A Leading Solution

In 2020, Episerver was identified as a Leader in the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Experience Platforms. Their customer-centric platform delivers advanced capabilities for content management, personalization, and analytics.

24 of the top Fortune 100 businesses utilize Optimizely, including worldwide recognizable names such as American Express, IBM, eBay, HP, and GAP.

Role-Specific Focuses

Regardless of your organizational role, Optimizely brings benefits to your team:

  • Team Leaders - minimize risk while maximizing growth. Test, assess, and deploy remarkable digital experiences. Optimizely has run over 1 million experiments and boasts best-in-class services and supports to help your team scale innovation.
  • Developers - take advantage of feature management to speed up product experimentation. Optimize the experience across platforms like mobile, apps, and websites.
  • Product Managers - create more meaningful products thanks to user segmentation and testing. Rapidly prototype and test complex features.
  • Marketers - personalize campaigns, target your messaging, and test what copy, images, offers, and experiences increase conversion, retention, and lifetime value.
  • Analysts - dig into Optimizely’s Stats Engine, which provides tools to obtain statistical significance faster than ever before

If your business is in need of Optimizely implementation or if you would like to connect with an Optimizely partner, reach out to Object Edge.

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