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business statistics

Are you struggling with customer loyalty, eCommerce sales, or finding the balance between personalization and privacy? You're not alone. These are just a few of the challenges facing today's manufacturing marketing leaders.

Our latest white paper delves into these key problems and provides practical solutions to help you overcome them. With expert insights and real-world examples, you'll discover:

  • How to build lasting customer loyalty in an increasingly competitive market
  • Strategies for maximizing eCommerce sales and profitability
  • Tips for delivering personalized experiences while respecting privacy concerns

Don't miss out on this valuable resource. Download our white paper today and gain the knowledge and tools you need to stay ahead of the curve.

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Your customers are seeking out partners that make their work life easier. They want to be able to manage a lot of the research and buying process independently, and they want to reach a human as soon as possible.

McKinsey defines new customer expectations as a “rule of thirds” - a mix of digital self-service (websites, apps, chatbots), remote/virtual human interactions (phone call, email, virtual meetings) , and traditional (in-person meetings, fax, direct mail). In the most current reporting (December, 2021), B2B buyers were pretty evenly divided between these three approaches. 

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