Oracle’s Open Storefront Framework (OSF) is a new modern, front end framework for Oracle Commerce. This innovative new structure is designed for better commerce performance, more flexibility, and quicker time to build. Enabling faster, more customized, and innovative customer commerce experiences as well as improved experience for the business user.   

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OSF is a modern framework that combines the robust power of Oracle Commerce with a modern front end architecture.  

Key benefits include:

  • Faster, responsive, rich user experiences
  • Built with React (and ability to develop in any front-end JavaScript library)
  • Separation between the presentation layer and the state model for local development and testing
  • Reduce the need for new code: with micro (rather than macro) updates to simplify how experiences are assembled and delivered with reusable, granular components
building lit up with lights at nighttime

Understanding Oracle’s OSF

Oracle OSF runs exclusively on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). OSF implementation also allows for out-of-the-box plug-ins that can be customized to fit the business requirements at hand. The plug-in structure of this Oracle’s open storefront framework ensures the platform is flexible enough to support existing and future business needs.

Focused on site performance, it uses a plugin architecture where multiple plugins are used to perform server-side page rendering. When a page is rendered, it instantly sends data to the shoppers’ browser to be displayed.

Oracle OSF’s cloud-based infrastructure also allows for a faster and more flexible experience by reducing performance issues. Through OSF implementation, you can closely monitor and address any site issues that arise.

Why OSF Matters

Oracle OSF empowers digital creativity by allowing content writers, developers, and others across the UX team creating meaningful journeys for their customers. It encourages collaboration within digital teams and with the business by allowing for the testing and iterating necessary to get to an optimal result.

With successful OSF implementation, digital platforms will experience improved performance at an easily scalable level. With a robust set of developer tools, the Open Store Framework allows developers to build customized and rich user experiences with functionality that includes inventory features, reporting, merchandising, and so much more.

Oracle OSF opens organizations up to a new segment of highly skilled developers and other talent that can help elevate and maximize their digital experience.

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