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Create interactive digital experiences faster and easier than ever.

Business team brainstorming
Business team brainstorming

Zmags Creator implementation empowers retailers to create meaningful digital experiences more quickly than ever before. The Zmags Content Hub is packed with tools to build and publish content that converts. None of it involves coding, so digital marketings can hit the ground running, rather than involving developers.

Faster, quality content results in conversions, and numerous leading brands take advantage of Zmags’ capabilities, like Whole Foods, AAA, Nautica, and Godiva, to name just a few.

Zmags is a recognized leader, featured in YOTTAA’s recent 3rd Party Platform Index as the “Most Improved” in terms of load speed performance. Dedicated to performance investment and improvement, this recognition reinforces that Zmags delivers.

Even better, enterprise brands don’t have to compromise their commerce strategy for the sake of content, as Zmags integrates with all leading technology companies. They also have advanced partnerships with major platforms such as:

  • Big Commerce
  • Magento
  • Salesforce
  • Shopify
  • SAP
  • Oracle

Zmags focuses on driving conversions, thanks to a few key strategies:

  • Comprehensive SEO - produce more content, go mobile 1st with ease, create specialty banners that highlight specific promotions designed to engage or re-engage customers
  • Innovative UX - significantly reduce the need to complex tech and creative support, while ramping up content. Quickly create quizzes, look-books, and other interactive experiences, and link recommended products to customers
  • Brand Integrity - protect your brand while still churning out content thanks to brand guidelines. Build your brand into the user experience, connecting customers to your story and seamlessly integrating it into standard experiences such as check-out.

Zmags specializes in creating interactive experiences in minutes, not weeks. The solution is comprehensive:

  • Quickly Connect - Easy integration with any eCommerce platforms means no downtime
  • Ease-of-Use - Simple drag-and-drop publishing turns anyone into a graphic designer
  • Instant Shoppability - these features take visitors from curious to loyal customers
  • Results - In-platform, real-time reporting makes it simpler than ever to tailor your content strategy

If your business is in need of creating digital experiences with Zmags Creator implementation or if you would like to connect with a Zmags partner, reach out to Object Edge.

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