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AI-Powered Commerce Search that creates meaningful personalizations, turning browsers into buyers

Unbxd makes it easier than ever for shoppers to discover products, and for businesses to ensure that the right products are shown to the right customers, increasing revenue and overall order value.

This solution is trusted by major brands and industry leaders, like Express, Sylvane, Ashley Home Store, and more.

It collaborates with Google Cloud to offer AI-powered commerce search for retail stores. It also offers 1:1 personalizations, AI-based relevance, and differentiated customer experiences.

Unbxd makes this possible via:

Product features include:

  • Over 50 AI-Models - ensuring a relevant, intelligent, and personalized site search
  • Conversion Optimization - convert browsers into buyers across all channels
  • Less than 65ms Response Time - fast search to quick move customers through their path to purchase
  • Fast Integration - launch optimized site search faster than ever before
  • Advanced Analytics - comprehensive data analysis equips brands to make informed decisions
  • Console Reporting - A consolidated view makes it easy to gain business insights
  • 99.99% Uptime - Never worry about downtime. Customers can always search for products
  • 24/7 Support - Technical support anytime, anywhere
  • SOC II Compliant - Protect customer privacy and keep your business secure
  • SDKS - Integrate with robust SDKs without impact search or website speed

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