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Grow revenue with real-time, AI-driven personalizations, creating a unique experience for each individual customer.

Looking to grow your revenue? Then look no further for a Reflektion implementation partner. We have you covered.

Trusted by big names such as Ulta, PetCo, Sketcher’s, Rite Aide, and more, Reflektion delivers dramatic conversion growth and revenue increases thanks to its real-time personalizations, which respond to shopper purchase intent.

Reflektion Implementation Provides your Brand with:

Innovative Technologies:

  • Product Intelligence: In addition to knowing your customers, Reflektion also helps you know your product catalog. Their indexing rate is over 1 million documents per minute, pulling from your complete catalog to quickly match shoppers with relevant products.
  • Shopper Insights: Create individual profiles for each customer, and update them in real-time. This rapid response to customer insights results in increased conversions and revenue.
  • Deep Learning: Reflektion implementation utilizes deep learning, or a combination of machine learning and AI that combines numerous data techniques and sources to produce comprehensive, dynamic models. Big names such as Google, Oracle, and Netflix deploy similar deep learning techniques to reach their audiences in meaningful, personalized ways.

Personalization has become increasingly important among customers, with 98% of industry leaders agreeing that personalization is key to eCommerce success. Reflektion’s 1:1 real-time, personalization platform is the solution that secures dramatic conversion growth and revenue increases.

If your organization needs help with Reflektion implementation, reach out to Object Edge. We have decades of experience working with sophisticated technologies to help grow your business.

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