Oracle WCS Technology Implementation Partner

Oracle WebCenter implementation is a center of engagement for businesses. 

Oracle WebCenter implementation powers exceptional experiences for customers, partners, and employees. It also connects people, processes, and information with portal, content management, web experience management, and collaboration techniques

Oracle WebCenter offers:

  • Three pillars - Sites, Portal, and Content - working together for brands
  • Mobile experiences - available across all devices, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Connecting - people and information across desktop, mobile, tablet, gadgets, search, and application integration 
  • Transforming - moving businesses from traditional to social business strategies that improve agility, increase customer loyalty, enhance, productivity, and seamless provide access to accurate information 

The Solution includes several products:

WebCenter Content

Users share information efficiently on their choice of device and in process-centric business applications. Content lifecycle management is scalable thanks to this management system, and its numerous capabilities: 

  • Document management
  • Capture and imaging
  • Forms Recognition
  • Digital asset management
  • Records management
  • Support for on-premises and cloud

WebCenter Sites

Rapidly create, deploy, and manage a network of web properties. Delegate individual website management through Oracle WebCenter Sites. Users can publish multi-site, multilingual content and campaigns quickly from one platform. Features include:

  • Simple content authoring and design interface
  • Predictive and segment–based customer targeting
  • Granular analytics for optimization
  • Modern development architecture
  • Integrations across enterprise applications

WebCenter Portal

Quickly and easily create intranets, extranets, composite applications, and self-service portals. Users have a secure and efficient way to consume information and interact with applications, processes, and people, thanks to:

  • Portal lifecycle management
  • Modern responsive user experiences
  • Applications and data mashups framework
  • Flexible deployment models

Application Adapters for Oracle WebCenter

Enable users to easily view and act on relevant content in the context of transactional processes from within their business application.

These products together create a comprehensive business solution that makes it easy to manage content, portal, user experience, and related technologies in a way that connects people, processes, and information. 

If your business is in need of Oracle WebCenter implementation or if you would like to work with an Oracle WCS partner, reach out to Object Edge.