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Create a recurring revenue model that delivers a superior customer experience

Coders discussing about source code

Oracle Subscription Cloud implementation is an effective way to generate revenue and stay connected with your customers.

A predictable revenue stream via subscription services can be a game-changer for businesses. Oracle Subscription Cloud takes it one step further, and offers a solution that can be deployed across service, sales, and commerce channels.

It allows you to manage contracts, billing, and other back-office information while providing your teams with customer information that impacts those critical front-end experiences.

Oracle Subscription Cloud also offers cost-savings, as it is administered once and then can be deployed anywhere. Thanks to its cloud-based design, you can integrate subscriptions into any customer touchpoint. Customers can then select subscriptions, modify products, and conduct other self-service activities as desired. No matter what channels your customers gravitate towards, you’ll be able to provide subscription services to them.

You can also utilize the customer insights Oracle Subscription Cloud provides to improve sales, service, eCommerce, and customer retention. Robust reporting allows you to forecast more accurately. Your teams can review current subscriptions so that they can tailor products and services to customers, increasing customer lifetime value. Subscription Cloud also manages pending contracts to help drive growth and new sales models, and identifies customers who are at-risk, so that your teams can take steps to retain them.

Furthermore, Oracle Subscription Cloud implementation tracks key performance indicators to identify how subscriptions impact your business.

These KPIs include:

  • Customer lifetime value
  • Total contract value
  • Churn rate
  • Average revenue per user
  • Recurring revenue
  • And much more

This solution automates many processes, such as invoicing and renewals. This takes the burden off your sales team, allowing them to focus on the customer, while still delivering accurate, timely, and revenue-driving processes. Even warranty and service coverage updates can be automated.

Oracle automates complex workflows, reduces costs, increases accuracy, and provides customer insights that empower your sales teams to be incredibly effective.

If your business is in search for an Oracle Subscription Cloud Partner or needs assistance with implementation, reach out to Object Edge.

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