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When planning Oracle Sales Cloud implementation for your business, consider the following. Oracle CX Sales is part of the Oracle Cloud CX. It’s also designed to allow your teams to be more responsive and effective than ever before. It sets your sales teams up for success with data, tools, techniques, and guides experiences.

These tools are easy to use, mobile, and are designed to be collaborative, with an emphasis on generating revenue.

The solution also boasts features that allow leaders to create and track sales campaigns. These features grow leads and automatically assign opportunities to salespeople.

Oracle CX Sales utilizes critical data to create meaningful sales plans. By connecting customer intelligence with data from finance and HR systems, this solution generates a full framework for sales plans. These plans not only assist your sales teams, but drive your business goals and boost your bottom line.

This solution also connects your back and front offices. First, it synthesizes that data. Then it draws on real-time market changes, third-party data, and additional intelligence sources to best equip your sales teams.

Essentially, Oracle CX Sales functions as a deeply accurate, intelligent recommendation guide. Sellers can use it to focus on building the right proposals at the right time to the right people.

Oracle CX Sales also offers superior features, including:

As an Oracle Sales Cloud implementation specialist and partner, Object Edge. can help you implement this solution and set your sales team up for success.

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