Oracle Maxymiser Technology Implementation Partner

Improve user experience and drive better ROI with Oracle Maxymiser. This solution helps B2B and B2C marketers optimize customer journeys. 

Oracle Maxymiser implementation empowers brands to offer personalization, recommendations, and gather comprehensive customer insights across channels such as websites and apps.

Testing & Targeting

Seamlessly switch between visual editing and code, so that both technical and nontechnical team members can envision the customer experience. This makes A/B and even more complex, multi-page funnel testing easy to execute.

Combine Data

Test the full customer journey by pulling audience data from any third-party source and combining it with Maxymiser’s session data. This offers comprehensive insights.

Robust Testing  

Run multivariate testing and segment traffic accordingly. Identify new testing opportunities to gain additional insights via Oracle Infinity-powered Heatmaps.

Advanced Targeting

Effectively segment and target audiences thanks to complex business insights.

Real-Time Personalization

Maxymiser has a straightforward import tool that pulls data from any source and imports it to unique customer profiles. This enables advanced targeting, personalization, and recommendations. 

Meaningful Customer Experiences

Respond to customer behaviors with tailored messaging and offers. Minimize cart abandonment, unsubscribers, and bounce rates. 

Automated Recommendations

Thanks to machine learning, deploy real-time recommendations to customers at any point in their customer journey.

Rapid Implementation

Quickly implement personalizations, recommendations, and testing through a single line of code. 

Predictive Insights

Identify opportunities to increase revenue courtesy of Maxymiser’s automated insights. 

Understand Website Clicks

Review digital behaviors to tailor strategies. Heatmaps, powered by Oracle Infinity, help marketing teams visualize customer behaviors on page.

Eliminate Abandoned Sessions

Determine which users don’t convert, and why, via automated analysis.

Enhanced Strategies

Take advantage of these actionable insights to adjust business strategies and quickly implement changes.

Mobile Capabilities

Build and run tests through an easy-to-use visual editor that works across apps, websites, and devices. No app store approvals required! 

Consistency Across Channels

Run campaigns across various channels via a single interface. 

Rapid Launch

Reduce time-to-launch thanks to real-time creation and editing in both iOS and Android operating systems.

Sophisticated Mobile Strategy

Develop engaging mobile experiences and review key metrics through a comprehensive reporting hub.

If your business needs assistance with Oracle Maxymiser implementation or if you would like to connect with a Oracle Maxymiser partner, reach out to Object Edge.