Oracle Business Intelligence Technology Implementation Partner

Oracle Business Intelligence is a portfolio of technology and applications that make up the industry’s first integrated, end-to-end Enterprise Performance Management System.

Business Intelligence (BI) offers:

  • Queries
  • Reports
  • Analysis
  • Alerting
  • Mobile analytics
  • Data integration and management
  • Desktop integration
  • Financial performance management applications
  • Operational applications
  • Data warehousing

Its components include:

Oracle Business Intelligence Server

The foundation of the solution is a true BI server designed to be easily scalable. It centralizes data, and offers dashboards, queries, enterprise and production reporting, financial reporting, data mining, and other Web Service-based applications. Unlike other BI tools, in Oracle, all components are integrated on one common architecture, creating a streamlined user experience.

Oracle Business Intelligence Answers

BI Answers allows users to easily create charts, pivot tables, reports, and dashboards, all of which are fully interactive. These answers can be saved, modified, shared, or even embedded into an individual user’s dashboard. This improves self-sufficiency while maintaining a secure environment. 

Oracle Business Intelligence Dashboards

These provide any team member with intuitive, interactive access to information. Dashboards are readily personalized to provide the most relevant information, and the end user can edit, navigate, and drill down into results as needed. BI Dashboards also pull content from a wide variety of sources, including shared file servers, the Internet, document repositories, and other sources of information.

Oracle Business Intelligence Drivers

This is a proactive solution which provides business activity monitoring, and can alert users via email, mobile, and other devices and channels. It can also initiate and pass on alerts to a multistep, multiperson, and mulitapplication workflow. By pushing personalized content to the right end users and the right time, it prompts accurate and timely responses. 

Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher

Oracle BI Publisher, formerly XML Publisher, offers reporting solutions for complex environments. It generates and delivers information to employees, customers, and business partners, in a secure and correctly-designed format. These report formats can be designed via Word or Adobe, programs most users already know. Publisher also pulls data from multiple sources, streamlining information and summarizing it in one singular report. Reports can then be printed, mailed, published, etc.

Oracle Real-Time Decision Server

This combines rules as well as predictive analytics to drive real-time enterprise decision management. Real-time intelligence and be inserted into any business process or customer interaction as it is happening. 

Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management

A framework for defining strategic goals and objectives that can be shared throughout every level of an enterprise. This empowers businesses to align internally for success. 

Oracle Data Visualization

Self-service visual analytics empower users.