Microsoft Azure Technology Implementation Partner

Azure’s products and services equip brands to invent with purpose, and turn ideas into solutions.

Boasting over 200 products and services, Azure helps brands with innovation. Microsoft Azure implementation offers flexibility to build, manage, and deploy applications anywhere. 

Even better, brands can select their preferred languages, frameworks, and infrastructure to address challenges. 

Azure focuses on four key areas:

1. Secure Cloud

The Microsoft Azure cloud is secure, complete with multilayered security and more than 1 billion in research and development in data security. 

They also offer comprehensive compliance coverage - the most robust of any cloud provider - and more than 90 compliance offerings. 

Microsoft also has a client promise that you own your data, and that they’ll never use it for marketing or advertising. 

2. Seamless Hybrid Operations

Whether your brand runs on-premises, across multiple clouds, or another hybrid variation, Azure integrates and manages these environments through specifically designed for hybrid tools. 

Just as important in this day and age, your brand can run Azure services anywhere. Employees can work from anywhere, on any device, thanks to cloud-based desktop and app virtualization. 

Azure is the only solution fully optimized for Windows 10 and Office, empowering employees to work remotely, securely, and productively. 

Plus, businesses can take advantage of the Azure Hybrid Benefit. Use your Windows Service and SQL Server on-premises licenses in Azure, and save up to 40% on existing licensing. 

3. Build on Your Terms

Azure is committed to open sources, and supports all languages and frameworks. Brands can select the platform of their choosing, utilize built-in Azure supports, and determine which tools work best for them. 

This includes machine learning models and tools for a variety of skill levels, including easy-to-navigate solutions like visual drag-and-drop and zero-code automated models, making AI accessible to everyone. 

Additionally, open APIs, hyperscale relational databases, and a fast NoSQL database equip brands to scale as needed. 

4. Innovate for the Future

Microsoft is continually innovating, ensuring that your brand benefits from their developments. In the past year alone, Azure made significant advances in areas including AI, databases, machine learning, virtualization, and more.

Intelligent algorithms enable your brand to anticipate user needs, and respond to customer demands, and instant data analysis empowers clients to query data on preferred terms through a single, cloud-native analytics service. 

If your organization needs assistance with Microsoft Azure implementation or if you would like to connect with a Microsoft Azure partner, reach out to Object Edge.