Metrical Technology Implementation Partner

Metrical implementation drives artificial intelligence smart targeting, real-time customer engagement, and even predicts which shoppers will leave a site and then engages them to convert.

Metrical implementation produces innovative results in significant increases in revenue for brands, with some citing 30% growth. 
The solution focuses on three main areas. 

1) Engagement

AI analyzes consumer behavior patterns on a brand’s website. Then this data is used to create a behavioral model that continuously improves itself, incorporating new findings about customers as they spend more time on a website. The behavioral model scores customers and identifies those that are most likely to abandon their shopping experience. Once the engine receives this signal of pending abandonment, it pushes out targeted messages most likely to re-engage the customer. The engine not only calculates which messages will re-engage the browser, but which ones will maximize revenue, encouraging users to stay, buy, and return for more.

2) Insights

Metrical’s insights go beyond simply measuring data. Rather, it analyzes and understands what that data means and how it can be best utilized to advance brands. The solution continuously looks for signals to engage with customers, and is constantly growing, incorporating new learnings. The platform also offers comprehensive dashboards which can be followed in real-time. 

3) Experience

Metrical feeds its conversion engine with critical data that helps determine why customers leave and how that can be prevented. The data is then used to inform messaging, ensuring that each customer is experiencing personalized content designed to keep them around. The same data helps determine what can be done to drive repeat, long-term, customers, too. 

Boost revenue on the fly with Metrical’s complex data insights, engagement, and experience strategies. Increase revenue, decrease abandonment, and build brand loyalty through an unparalleled combination of data, strategy, and content delivery. Global brands are reaching new heights with this solution. 

If your business is in need of Metrical implementation or if you would like to work with a Metrical partner, reach out to Object Edge.