Lucidworks Technology Implementation Partner

This connected experience cloud empowers organizations to capture customer action insights and apply them to future interactions, delivering a meaningful customer experience.

With Lucidworks implementation, businesses build powerful search and data discovery for employees and customers. Insights are captured anywhere, and deployed everywhere. 

Lucidworks was named a Leader in Cognitive Search by The Forrester Wave Q2 2019 Report. So it’s no surprise that industry leaders like Verizon, Kellog’s, Reddit, Lenovo, and many more major brands choose Lucidworks as the technology provider for AI Search.

Lucidworks implementation focuses on three main areas:

  • Product Discovery
  • Customer Service
  • Knowledge Management

Product Discovery

Comprehensive eCommerce search and personalization results in increased conversions, higher average order value, and loyal customers. 

In fact, when Lenovo invested in a Lucidworks solution, their annual revenue through search increased by 175%. 

Meaningful personalization drives revenue for businesses, and Lucidworks’ product discovery features can help. These features include:

  • Onsite Search - Advanced OOB models analyze query intent and combine that with user signals to deliver deeply personalized results for each individual customer
  • Landing Pages & Navigation - By guiding customers to specific content in strategic ways, businesses encourage product discovery
  • Merchandising - This solution empowers brands to create engaging experiences via drag-and-drop, block, add, pin, zones, and other rules
  • Recommendations - Utilize multiple OOB models to always show the right products at the right time
  • Analytics & Insights - OOB dashboards allow brands to export preferred BI tools and identity opportunities to maximize the customer experience

Customer Service

With Lucidworks’ contact center software, brands can tap into better call deflection, increased customer service, and more satisfied customers.

This solution eliminates customer frustration with disconnected multi-channel service (ex. Chatbots, in-app, on the phone, in-store, etc.) by providing personalized self-service for faster response time.

It aligns everyone on the same page, so that triaging issues is simpler than ever. With self-service, customers get immediate results and agents are free to address more complex concerns. 

Even chatbots are enhanced, thanks to comprehensive features, including:

  • Analytics
  • Low-Code UI
  • Search Relevancy
  • Chatbot Integration
  • Call Deflection
  • Recommendations

Knowledge Management

All too often, employees don’t know where to find the information they need. By increasing findability, brands can also boost productivity. 

This solution gives teams access to whatever data is necessary, improves collaboration, inspires innovation, and streamlines workflows. 

It breaks down silos, ensuring that all data is connected to common sources like Google Drive, Slack, and SharePoint. It unifies search via an app that searches everything. And it also empowers employees to customize their experiences via Lucidworks’ predictive user intent.

Features include:

  • Recommendations
  • Advanced Linguistics
  • Expert Finder
  • Smart Answers
  • Search Relevancy
  • Unified View

If your business is in need of Lucidworks implementation or if you would like to work with a Lucidworks partner, reach out to Object Edge.