Erwin Technology Implementation Partner

erwin Data Intelligence offers new UI, AI, and Self-Service Data Discovery, plus expanded data tracking capabilities 

This solution is utilized by leading brands, such as GM, Comcast, AT&T, Costco, and more, and drives an enterprise data governance experience with:

Business Process Modeling

Business process modeling is deeply connected to enterprise architecture. They share similar information visualization, documentation, and analysis needs. erwin serves both disciplines via a single software suite. This streamlines operations and increases efficiency. 

It’s benefits include:

  • Creation and visualization of complex models
  • Powerful analysis
  • Documentation & knowledge retention
  • Democratization & decision-making
  • Agility & efficiency
  • Lower risks & costs

Enterprise Architecture

erwin maps IT capabilities to the business functions they support, and then determines how to properly align people, processes, technology, and data to best serve the enterprise.

Initiatives could include:

  • Digital transformation
  • Cloud migration
  • Portfolio & infrastructure rationalization
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Innovation management

Data Modeling

An award-winning data modeling tool, erwin will find, visualize, design, deploy, and standardize enterprise data assets. Document data for large-scale integration, conquer data management, and perform analysis. 

Its benefits include:

  • Visualization of Any Data From Anywhere
  • Automated Data Model & Database Schema Generation
  • Centralized Model Development & Management
  • Data Literacy, Collaboration & Accountability
  • Agile Application Development
  • Increased Data Quality
  • Reduced Risks & Costs
  • Successful Cloud Adoption

Data Catalog

Metadata management is critical to data governance. Yet traditional solutions are often data repositories, rather than modernized, readily-accessed catalogs. erwin automates enterprise metadata management, including data mapping and cataloging, code generation, and more. 

Benefits include:

  • Centralized data governance framework
  • Sound decision-making
  • Metadata-driven approaches
  • Accelerated project delivery
  • Improved data quality
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Accurate analysis

Data Literacy

Data literacy leads to solid decision-making. Erwin ensures that data is used strategically, and that users don’t waste time searching for the information they need, or working to effectively connect it. Curated datasets simplify this process and help businesses achieve their goals faster than ever before. 

Benefits include:

  • Data visibility & governance
  • Data context & enrichment
  • Enterprise collaboration & empowerment
  • Increased productivity
  • Accountability & regulatory peace of mind
  • Change management
  • Data literacy, fluency, and knowledge
  • Business user socialization & collaboration