Elastic Search Technology Implementation Partner

Elastic Enterprise Search Implementation

With Elastic Enterprise Search implementation, enterprises can search everything at any time. Comprehensive search capabilities ensure that team members can quickly and effectively search a brand’s website, app, and workplace.

A Suite of Products

Elastic Enterprise Search provides free tools to quickly and easily scale search experiences. 

These include:

  • Workplace Search - unify content platforms like Google Drive, Slack, and Salesforce into a comprehensive, personalized search experience that streamlines a team’s workflow
  • App Search - in-app search capabilities, complete with refined APIs, dashboards, tunable relevance controls, and robust analytics.
  • Site Search - adds powerful search to a brand’s website

Comprehensive & Scalable

Elastic Enterprise Search is powered by Elasticsearch, a fast, proven, optimized relevance model designed for real-time, natural search. It’s easy to monitor and tweak as needed, and scales to quickly meet demands.

Quickly index with flexible APIs, dynamic schemas, and cloud source connectors. Businesses can also tailor their search experiences to best meet user needs. 

Additionally, Elastic Enterprise Search is built for scaling, so that it can support anything from small businesses to multi-country brands. Costs are straightforward, predictable, and completely manageable thanks to resource-based pricing. Companies pay only for the resources used. 

Even deployment is simplified, and brands select their preferred cloud platform. Or, if preferred, download and run it on-premises. 

Elastic Enterprise Search implementation also empowers better, faster, more comprehensive searches across data silos, ensuring that teams deliver the best possible customer service, faster than ever before.

Observability & Security

With Elastic Enterprise Search Implementation, a single tech stack unifies logs, metrics, and APM traces at scale. It’s free and open, and brands can monitor and react to events happening anywhere, at any time. 

From a security standpoint, take advantage of comprehensive prevention, collection, detection, and response.

Elastic Security employs analysts to monitor and respond to threats. It’s a free and open solution that delivers SIEM, endpoint security, threat hunting, cloud monitoring, and much more.

If your business is in need of Elastic Enterprise Search implementation or if you would like to work with an Elastic Enterprise Search partner, reach out to Object Edge.