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Open-Source Headless CMS & API for Complex and Scalable Projects

Directus implementation offers a simple-to-use administrative app to readily manage all content.

Directus is an open-source tool that combines data-first features like custom SQL databases with a dynamic API.

With self-hosting or cloud-hosting, Directus can manage practically any kind of project, connecting to content via eCommerce, websites, apps, wearable tech, virtual and augmented reality, and more.

Directus’ customizable, unique-to-your-business features include:

What sets Directus apart?

  • Flexibility - Choose from a wide variety of stack, tools, and libraries to select what’s best for your project. Each experience can be uniquely designed to keep your brand innovative and unique.
  • Free & Open-Source - Completely free, robust software, with no feature limitations or licenses! It can be used personally or professionally.
  • Any Platform or Device - As a headless solution, you can build any project (websites, apps, kiosks, etc.).
  • Self-Hosted or Cloud - Self-hosting is completely free, and the Cloud platform accessible on-demand
  • SQL Content - Thanks to our mirroring, you’ll see exactly what’s in your SQL database. There’s no content storage.
  • Branded Design - Create a custom theme, add your logo, and make the Admin App reflect your company’s brand.

If your business is looking to scale and needs assistance with Directus implementation or if you would like to connect with a Directus partner, reach out to Object Edge.

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