CustomerGauge Technology Implementation Partner

CustomerGauge Account Experience is designed for complex B2B eCommerce. It collects feedback at the account-level and distributes this information in real-time to team members, who then utilize the information to improve customer experience, boost sales, and acquire new accounts.

Account Experience also simplifies ROI by linking all account metrics to revenue, ensuring that businesses have the information needed to make proper decisions. 

By combining experience and revenue data with account insights, Account Experience drives customer-centric decisions that result in account growth.

This CustomerGauge solution breaks down silos so that an entire organization has access to accurate, timely information. 

CustomerGauge approaches this in three areas:

  • Account Experience - Ties B2B experience data directly to revenue for improved growth. Monitors and predicts customer churn.
  • Employee Experience - A dedicated employee experience and eNPS suite makes it easy for employees to engage with the data
  • Professional Services - Workshops and consulting services provided by CustomerGauge set businesses up for success

An industry leader, CustomerGauge ranked highest for B2B Use Case in Gartner’s Critical Capabilities report. It stood out among thousands of other VoC tools and is indeed trusted by industry leaders, like H&R Block, DHL, Eventbrite, and more.

Gartner recognized CustomerGauge’s capabilities of: advanced case management, customer journey orchestration, and advanced predictive and prescriptive analytics, among other things.

Perhaps most significantly, brands who use CustomerGauge are able to monetize their experience programs thanks to its revenue integration that goes beyond basic feedback management and closed loop practices.

In fact, B2B businesses experienced:

  • 2x more referral sales volume
  • Over 18% more revenue growth
  • 20% more upselling and cross-selling sales growth

As a CustomerGauge implementation partner, Object Edge ensures a seamless implementation for B2B businesses, getting your brand quickly up and running with a new Account Experience solution that results in better ROI and customer-centric experiences.