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happy asian female holding coffee mug while using laptop
happy asian female holding coffee mug while using laptop

Contently implementation allows businesses to utilize a content marketing platform that connects brands to outstanding freelance content creators. For over a decade, Contently has been networking businesses and freelancers, empowering them to share brand stories in interesting and innovative ways.

Their branded content solutions speak for themselves, with businesses experiencing 40% average audience growth within the first 6 months. Contently has also been named a 3 time leader in Gartner’s Magic Quadrant for Content Marketing Platforms, and has been recognized with numerous additional awards, including Diiday’s Best Content Marketing Platform.

Contently’s formula for success focuses on a few key features:

Even more conveniently, Contently handles invoicing, payment, and all the other red tape.

By combining data-driven content strategy, a superior content marketing platform designed for large-scale businesses, and a massive network of expert creatives, Contently empowers brands to deliver engaging content that drives ROI.

If your business is in need of Contently implementation or if you would like to connect with a Contently partner, reach out to Object Edge.

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