Technology Implementation Partner implementation is the perfect solution for enterprise product discovery. It’s specifically designed for eCommerce, and captures revenue, not just relevance.

This solution:

  • Deploys product discovery that automatically learns customer intent
  • Optimizes results via machine learning
  • Personalizes search, browse, suggest, recommendations, and more for each individual user

It’s no surprise that is the partner of leading brands like Sephora, BONOBOS, and Backcountry, powering millions of searches daily.

Search Backed by Data Science and AI’s search uses four scientifically-backed approaches to improve search outcomes:

Natural Language Processing

This approach can infer intent from a customer’s search query. It understands what users want, not necessarily what search term they’ve utilized. uses natural language processing (NLP) and AI to infer user intent. This increases purchase rates and amounts. NLP is not a traditional search engine feature. 

NLP achieves this by employing specific approaches that work together, including:

  • Typo tolerance
  • Synonyme detection
  • Semantic analysis
  • Multilingual support
  • Intent understanding
  • Words importance estimation
  • N-Gram weighting

Machine Learning Enhanced Reranking

With machine learning, search rankings are continuously updated with automated learnings from behavioral data. 

This is achieved through automated algorithms that improve search ranking in real-time via:

  • Behavioral data
  • Automated boost
  • Automated bury
  • Relevance-weighted search facets
  • Merchant-centric optimizations
  • In-session ranking improvements

Collaborative Personalization delivers unique results tailored to each individual person and query. Meaningful personalization improves customer loyalty, retention, and revenue. delivers personalizations through:

  • Behavioral data
  • Co-purchasing
  • Personalized search recommendations
  • Repeat purchase recommendations 
  • In-session personalization
  • Anonymity

Merchant Controls

This solution’s tools supplement automated results with merchant expertise. It offers integrated analytics, reporting, and tools specifically designed for businesses. accomplishes this with a combination of automation and human expertise:

  • Searchandizing
  • Analytics
  • Trend reports
  • User journey reports
  • Search refinements
  • Product catalog management
  • Synonyms
  • Redirect rules
  • Dynamic collection pages

If your business is in need of implementation or if you would like to work with a partner, reach out to Object Edge.